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Consultation, needs assessment

Consultation on the project, its objectives and status. We analyse the issues and the needs which arise

Writing the specification document

Typically 1 - 1.5 months, but it depends on the size of the project, how much time and energy is required to work with one of our Business analysts to gather all the functionality and operation of the system, revealing all functional and non-functional requirements.

The output of this phase is a visual (even with wireframe designs) / written document that covers all the needs of the project and where necessary technical details are already outlined.

On your part, availability is needed here to collect all the requests through meetings. 

Agile development

After prioritising the features, we put them on the developer's desk and typically deliver parts of the system in 2-3 week sprints.

The first 1-2 sprints are typically not very spectacular, because there is more groundwork at the beginning of the project, but after that we can show how far we have come in a demo meeting every 1-2 sprints.

The project will be broken down into X sprints after the exact needs have been identified, but there is already a roadmap to go along and the project can be better estimated.

Testing and beta phase

After the end of development, it is worth scheduling a few weeks of trial operation when you can try out the apps that have already been tested internally and with friendly users.


The sharpening of a mobile app is mainly done in the app stores, by now you have to upload all the data that appears in the store (we'll help you with that, but the wording is up to you), and you have to "beat" the apps through the review on google/apple.

Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's a longer process, but we keep going until it passes ūüôā

Long term product support

Ideally, the lifecycle of the product does not end with sharpening, because if it is used, it requires ongoing maintenance to keep it top-up.

This can be supported by a monthly hours contract or availability, the exact content of which must always be decided on an individual basis.

It influences whether you want a development hourly rate because you have long-term plans for improvements, or whether you just want simple maintenance and monitoring.

The story of CodeYard

The beginning

The founders of our company, Lajos Cselle and Imre Ujlaki, met at the University of Debrecen in 2008 and started to make plans to start their own IT company.

  • They started working together and building a company as a second job in 2013, with a portfolio of custom web and mobile application development.

Their aim was to create a workplace where everyone would want to come and work, and to show that software development can be done differently. They wanted to make an impact on the world. This mission has since become one of the pillars of CodeYard, looking for projects that can make people's everyday lives better, make a difference in the world.

CodeYard's first major successes

  • In 2016, they developed their own mentoring programme, where they give young people the chance to learn the basics of software development and join the team.The number of employees has grown dynamically over the years, but they have always kept in mind the importance of building a healthy company culture.
  • In 2017, they won a special prize in the Employer Branding category of the Workplace to Love award. However, in addition to client projects, they have also started developing their own product, the motivac.io m√°r √∂n√°ll√≥ c√©gg√© nŇĎtte ki mag√°t √©s c√©luk, hogy m√°s c√©geknek is seg√≠tsenek a c√©ges kult√ļra kialak√≠t√°s√°ban √©s fenntart√°s√°ban.
  • They have been involved in numerous national and international projects, and have launched successful and internationally awarded Hungarian startups such as Xeropan, InSimu, BlockBen and Benker.

Over the last 10 years they have organised and supported countless professional events and meetups, and they feel it is important to give something back to the development community, to share knowledge more widely.

The direction we are heading

  • In 2020, they started building a software development community on the CodeYard Factorywould like to build the largest professional community in Hungary.-, would like to build the largest professional community in Hungary.

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